W is for Weight Loss: Blogging from A to Z Challenge


For most of my life I have struggled with my weight. Because of my love of food and my general hatred of exercise, I am usually somewhere between 15-20 pounds overweight. I have started and stopped three pretty significant weight loss efforts in the last couple of years. The latest one has been the most successful but I have, admittedly, stalled. All three times, I find myself stalling around the same number. So perhaps I set myself up, expecting to give up at that number.

This time around, I had lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. I had been losing the weight slowly and steadily for a few months but then a couple of cheat weekends turned into a couple of weeks. Last week, I had foot surgery, so now exercise if off the table entirely for at least a month, likely longer.


Can I recover from this setback? Or will I find myself at square one in a couple of months?

Well, one thing I discovered is that when you are not permitted to put any weight on your foot, it is a little more difficult to open the refrigerator door out of boredom or wander past the candy dish. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been eating super clean but I haven’t gone completely hog wild. Today’s weigh-in revealed a 5.5 pound gain since mid-April. I am still (barely) within my DietBet Transformer goal for May but it is time for (re)action.

I am going to allow myself a couple more days of indulgence but then on Friday, it is back on the “eating clean” wagon. No red meat. No alcohol. Lots of water. Less sodium. Tons of fruits and veggies.

I can do this. I am much further into this tunnel than I am out of it.

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