S is for Sanctuary: Blogging from A to Z Challenge


There were two topics that I had intended to write about when I got to S – Stage Fright and Sleep No More. Both are topics that require more than the cursory glance and a hyperlink, which is all I’ve got time for right now. I promise to write about both at some point in the future.

I am currently in the process of reclaiming the zen in our bedroom, which has been buried beneath piles since mid-December. I want it to be a peaceful sanctuary in which to recuperate from foot surgery, which is scheduled for early May.

So forgive the lame entry for S but I’ve got boxes to fill.

3 thoughts on “S is for Sanctuary: Blogging from A to Z Challenge

  1. Ouch, foot surgery. I had ankle surgery a few years ago and it was more painful than my total knee replacement. Not to scare you or anything. Hope you’ll finish up the A to Z. You’re so close to the end.

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