Dreams of Eponine & Elphaba

I realized today that Wicked is to today’s generation what Les Miserables was to mine. Since Les Miserables ran for so long and I find my performance opportunities to be limited to community theatre, dreams of portraying Eponine have given way to the hope that I might one day be cast as Madame Thenardier.

Eponine & Elphaba

Imagine all those Elphaba wannabes coming to the realization that by the time the rights become available for Wicked the only role they will be suited for will be Madame Morrible.

Mme Thenardier & Mme Morrible

Funny how in both circumstances the dreamer ends up portraying a madame.

2 thoughts on “Dreams of Eponine & Elphaba

  1. I am absolutely determined to one day be Eponine, and it would also be amazing to perform as Elphaba, but aaaaack the competition levels are incredibly high! D:

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